Learn How to Build Your Own Mobile Dog Grooming Shop and Successful Business While Saving Yourself Thousands of Dollars…


It’s truly the most affordable way to venture into one of the hottest business opportunities to ever hit the pet care industry

Dear Future Entrepreneur,

So… You’re considering “going mobile?” Well, good for you! Your research has definitely brought you to the right website!

The mobile grooming shop concept has been around a long time, but it’s only within the past few years that it has really caught on in a big way. That means that there are literally an unlimited number of towns and cities everywhere that have a need for the shop on wheels. For the larger cities that already have a business or two…take my word for it, there is always room for one more.

Pet owners see the real value in such a wonderful service. They love the fact thatthey don’t need to travel with their dogs and plan their day around “drop-off” and “pick-up” times. They are also pleased with the fact that their pet is much calmer and happier about the whole grooming affair.

Whether you are a dog fancier interested in a career in the pet industry or you are currently a professional groomer about to go out on your own.

Here are nine reasons why you will love operating
a Mobile Dog Grooming Business…


  1. Very comfortable way to work…
    – No interruptions (phones, customers coming and going)
    – Dog behaves much, much better in this quiet, one-on- one environment
  2. Get to know your customers better…their wants and desires for their pet
  3. You get a break between each dog…very nice stress-buster
  4. Very easy to take time off…no need to offer excuses, just don’t book when you want to have lunch with your child at school, or take a vacation…That’s Freedom!!!
  5. Charge higher fees… this is a personalized, convenient service. Customers expect to pay more. And the tips are fantastic!!
  6. Lettering on your unit is a FREE moving billboard, generating new customer interest each and every day
  7. You won’t have a handful of rent receipts at the end of the year. Your money is going toward an investment in your own property which holds real value.
  8. Satisfaction and pride that come from offering such a unique, and interesting service.
  9. Because it is so unique and so convenient, customers quickly spread the word, generating a business that grows quickly!!!

Nine outstanding reasons why you just have to launch this business for yourself and begin enjoying the service and reaping the exceptionally great financial rewards! The potential to earn $250.00 on up per day is easily attainable. I didn’t say per week…I said, per day!

During your on-line search you must have had the opportunity to learn that there are companies, offering pre-configured mobile grooming vehicles for sale costing $30 – $40 – $50,000 right on up to $100,000 or more!! I bet that dampened your spirits just a little!

Don’t misunderstand, we are not here to knock these companies. We’ve seen their vehicles and they are “everything and more” that a pet groomer would want in a mobile shop.

But, not everyone has that kind of start-up budget or even wants to invest that kind of money on an “unknown” venture. Sometimes, it’s best to get your feet wet a little before you make the big plunge!

You’ve probably thought, “If I could just learn how to build my own mobile shop I’d be able to save a substantial sum of money.” And you are absolutely right.

But let’s face it – you’re not going to find a “how to” book at your local library or bookstore. They’re not there!

And, that is where we come in.

We have put together a training manual that will take you from the first step of deciding what vehicle to choose, all the way through the construction of the interior components, plumbing, electrical and climate control right down to the finishing touches of lettering your mobile shop. (And business operations too…but more on that later)

What’s more, not only will our detailed manual cover every aspect of construction, but you’ll be able to watch us on DVD as we build a unit right before your eyes. What could be better than that?

Right about now you are probably wondering who we are and what makes us such an authority on this subject.

We are Richard and Carol Doggett. Some of you may know us from our successful home study grooming training package “All About Dog Grooming”… at www.LearnToGroom.com

We began our first mobile dog grooming business in 1975. Back then very few people had any idea what the heck DIY mobile dog grooming was. We almost felt like pioneers, leading the way into a new frontier.

Most groomers laughed at us. They scoffed at the idea, thinking it was impossible to make a day’s pay going from home to home. Boy…were they wrong!!

During those years Richard raised three young children and a wife (that would be me) on the sole earnings of one mobile unit. Today, all three of our children are grown and have their own thriving mobile dog grooming shops, making about 3 times as much money as he did back in ’75!

We have built many units for personal/family use as well as units for other individuals. As the months and years passed since 1975 we experimented with different vehicles until we found the one we felt was best. We corrected and improved the layouts and operational systems of our units until they were comfortable for differing climates, easy to run and maintain.

We learned when it was safe to cut corners to save money on some of the building components and when it was wise to pay top dollar for the best components.

In short, we have taken the mystery and guess work out and can honestly say that, without a doubt, we are definitely authorities on the subject of self-constructed grooming units. So, you can count on our information we provide to be accurate and cost effective.

When I say “cost effective” … I mean – we will literally save you thousands of dollars if you will follow our lead. I would even go so far as to say you could begin on a “shoe-string” budget, but that would mean different amounts of money for different people and let’s face it…you do have to have some money to invest!

This is not some small idea-generating booklet. It is a powerful training package that is sure to impress you and will compel you to move forward on your way to success.

By the time you’re finished, you will be the self-confident business owner you you’ve always desired to become.

Here’s some of what you will learn

Our 135 page training manual is divided into two sections.

  1. The first is on the Mobile Unit itself… locating the right vehicle, paying for it, constructing it and equipping it.
  2. The second section is on the Operational End of the business from launching on day one, right on through to building a steady clientele, and on to keeping those customers satisfied and calling time and time again. I’ll elaborate on these in a few minutes.

Check out the impressive list of just some
of what you’ll be learning in the..

DIY Mobile Grooming Shop
Training Package

Learn the ins and outs of the mobile shop

Nine specific vehicle types to choose from

How to decide on the best vehicle for “you”

Locating the perfect vehicle for the greatest savings

Money sources… Should you finance?

A plan for those who are not credit-worthy

Learn how to write a business plan for this business

How to approach and deal with a lender

Valuable money saving ideas
Construction Phase

Proper head room clearance

Layout of the work area

Tub and water tanks placement

The importance of understanding water weight

Construction materials and supply list
Systems Covered under Construction

Choosing the best floor covering

Proper interior walls for durability and maintenance



Exhaust system

Water System: tub info, water heater facts and choices, water
distribution, fresh and gray water tanks, water lines and fittings, winter weather and plumbing, gray water disposal

Electrical facts that are vital to know & understand

Three power choices

Heat and Air Conditioning, Generators

Plugs, switches and outlets

The best electrical system to meetyour”

Lettering your new unit…how to save a lot

Selecting your grooming tools carefully

I’m sure you’ll agree this is a rather comprehensive list of key elements that we will be showing you how to implement in a our series of step-by-step training sessions.

Learning how to build a cost saving, safe, and highly functional mobile shop would be, in itself, enough information to get some people started without another bit of coaching.

But, honestly, that’s just the start!

There are actually three key elements for a successful mobile business:

  1. Good Grooming Skills,
  2. A great functioning mobile shop, and..
  3. Correctly Operating Your New Business.

Yet, operating your business correctly and efficiently is more important than both of those first two elements put together. And that is the 3rd element we intend to teach you. It is the key that locks them all together.

Believe me, there have been plenty of businesses that have sloshed straight down the drain due to poor business management. It is actually the number one reason why businesses fail.

We don’t want to see this happen to anyone that has been affiliated with us. The good news is…it’s easy to avoid with a little self-discipline, and the knowledge of correct and easy-to-implement business strategies.

Therefore, the balance of our training guide is dedicated to this theme.


Look at how much more you can expect to learn…

  • Legal Issues: Business License, Sales Tax ID No. , Vehicle registration and more
  • Money Management: Banking & Accounts, Weekly Budget, Credit Cards, Income Tax Matters, and more
  • Insurance: Specifically for mobile groomers
  • Your Office: Record keeping, Computer use, Naming your business, Pricing your services
  • Scheduling your daily routes
  • Families with multiple dogs
  • Latch-key “groomer” issues
  • Sample phone script: How to give a price quote Sample Script: How to greet a new customer Sample phone script: Courtesy message
  • Marketing: Yellow Page Ads, Lettering and Logos, Web sites Free press-release you may use as your own
  • Cancellations and cancellation policies plus more info
  • Customer Relations…dos and don’ts…

Inside the Appendix of our manual you will find many referral names, phone numbers and addresses as well as website addresses. These will direct you to great resources to get this project completed.

We are offering you the opportunity to profit from our experience.

The last thing any new business owner wants is poor results. And poor results often occur from a lack of knowledge.

Take the burden off of yourself. Don’t worry about how you are going to do ‘this or that’ or deal with the ‘should I or shouldn’t I’ questions. A new business opportunity should not be something you guess at.

As a new business owner you will want to feel knowledgeable and confident from the first service call you make. You want to look professional, sound professional and act professional.

By following our lead, one step at a time, you will be able to start out on the right foot from day one.

There’s a very dynamic saying….

The easiest, safest way to lock in success is to

follow the advice of those who are already successful!”

Read that again…let it really sink in.

For decades we have been using professional, fool-proof, time-tested methods to achieve our own success. We are going to share everything we know to make you successful too.

The decision to order our package should really be a no-brainer for you.

The full cost for all of the above mentioned information contained in the training manual and on the DVD is only $125.00 (plus shipping).

Don’t cheat yourself out of the information that will make this venture an awesome experience. Go for it…Place your order today!

To your success,
Richard & Carol Doggett

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